Class Timetable

Description Day & Time Price
Kids Yoga 5-8 years old Saturday (3pm-3.45pm) @ Renfrew Sea Scout Hall £6*
Kids Yoga 9-12 years old Saturday (4pm-4.45pm) @ Renfrew Sea Scout Hall £6*
Pre-school Yoga 18mo-School Age (+ Adult) Monday (1pm-1.45pm) @ Renfrew Sea Scout Hall £7**

* 4 week block booking £20 (Discount price applies if 4 week block paid before first class)

** 4 week block booking £25 (Discount price applies if 4 week block paid before first class)

Please complete Consent Form before attending class.

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Class Details

Rainbow Kids Yoga takes place in a circle, it involves co-creation so all of the children are involved. It’s not a class where I will stand at the front and the children will follow my lead.

Rainbow Kids Yoga is tactile we will do partner and group poses where we will hold hands, link arms, feet legs, balance on top of one another, fall and catch each other, massage is sometimes used, we make human mandalas and generally use touch. If this is something you or your children are uncomfortable with please let me know but this is also on the consent form.

The yoga classes are generally in 4 parts where we will connect, then do some yoga, followed by something fun like yoga games and finally we will have quiet time which can be anything from stories to guided meditation.

The classes for younger kids are often based on a yoga adventure like travelling to Hawaii or the jungle, for older kids our classes may have a meaningful theme like kindness and a lot of the time I will build a class plan on what the children ask for like, Harry Potter, dancing or even anti bullying. For the very little kids we may do an animal adventure or a seaside adventure but mainly we will have fun and embrace the chaos allowing you to take the time to enjoy some fun and laughter with your little one.

"Aimee absolutely loved it she can't wait for next week"

"Would recommend Gill's classes to anyone considering sending their little one. Gill is such a fun and positive spirit and has made my daughter feel so welcome in the class. Every week she comes out raving about the class and can't wait to go again the next week."

- Dominique V

"My daughter had a brilliant time! She came home chattering away about class! Thank you"



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