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My name is Gillian park and I started Rainbow Park Yoga in 2020 whilst still working in finance. Initially I started it because I loved yoga and I loved working with children. We live in such a fast paced world that I thought it would be a good idea to teach children yoga to allow them to take time away from the online world, learn yoga, improve their physical and mental health and connect to each other through yoga. Yoga, mindfulness and meditation had helped me with physical pain followed by a very tough period of anxiety so I felt drawn to teaching this to kids, if I needed these skills then so must kids right?

The world had other plans and we were locked down for long periods of time just as I was launching my business. As time went on I started to read more about the impacts of lockdowns on children's mental health, 30-40% of 5-16 year olds now suffer from anxiety or depression and these are the children we know about. 20 children a day in Scotland do not get the help they need for mental health problems.

This turned by small business idea into a personal mission. How can I reach as many children as possible to help equip them with coping techniques to manage their emotions and nurture their mental health? I must work in schools and nurseries where they are.

I have now been studying these topics for 4 years, I am a Professional Meditation and Mindfulness teacher and I am level 1 & 2 qualified for teaching children yoga. My studies have now grown and I am currently learning Mindful Trauma Awareness as the children I work with often have trauma and unique needs.

So far we have worked with around 7 high schools, 20 primary schools, 4 nurseries and taught over 1000 children. Do you think your school or nursery would benefit from these skills? If so enquire here

When I work with children I lead from the heart and work with their individual energies. I am committed to providing them with a kind, safe and nurturing space in which they will never be judged but one which will allow them to learn how to manage their emotions and understand them.

I am passionate about inspiring children to take of their emotional, physical and mental health.

My classes are fun and engaging and we celebrate each others achievements.

I am not a medical professional, I specialise in Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga. If you feel your child needs a medical professional please speak to your GP in the first instance.

Yoga is simply great for you no matter what age you are!

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