Our work in Schools & Nurseries for children

“Following our Mindful Mentors programme in High schools October-December 2022 we have achieved a 26 % increase in children knowing how to help themselves when they feel anxious worried or angry and a 25% increase in the children we work with feeling physically, emotionally, and mentally well. “

Helping children and young people to nurture their mental health through meditation, mindfulness and yoga.

Whether the children have just learned to walk, or they are feeling the challenges of exams prior to leaving school, Rainbow Park Yoga can help by providing age-appropriate classes.

The benefits of these sessions and long-term mindfulness Programmes are:

Reduces anxiety

Increases confidence

Better sleep

Reduce conflict

Emotional self-regulation

Stress management


Our work in schools is bespoke to the needs of your school, we provide Mindfulness and Meditation therapy for anxious children in one to one sessions or in a group.

We help children to understand their emotions and how that manifests physically to enable them to self regulate, reduce stress, improve focus, strengthen relationships and increase emotional regulation.

We have programmes that provide coping mechanisms to help deal with the pressures of modern life and enable children to pass these tools onto their peers.

We also provide kids yoga as part of the school day or as an extra curricular activity.


In Nurseries we provide fun, themed classes to keep the children engaged but open to the understanding of mind, breath & body connection. We sing, dance, yoga and enjoy a quiet story.

For Nurseries this tends to be group yoga classes that incorporate, movement through yoga that has a theme such as going to the zoo, there will be songs, breathing exercises with props to allow the children to start to recognise their breath and quiet time which is a story.

“I liked everything about it, I felt calm”

- Isaac, aged 8

“Pupils learn strategies to help them cope and relax, can you do longer blocks please the kids love it”

- St James Primary School, Renfrew

“I felt like I was floating on air”

- Dominic, aged 9



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