Meditation & Mindfulness for children

GillGillian Park is a Meditation, Mindfulness and Yoga teacher for children and young people from 18 months to 18 years.

“The work I do helps young people to understand and nurture their mental health, it provides calming techniques and helps them explore their emotional wellbeing, I love to work with children in Schools, one to one, in groups or community yoga classes. It saddens me to hear that 30-40% of young people feel anxious, stressed or depressed (The Child Mind Institute) but it makes me more committed to helping and nurturing as many children as possible and providing them with coping techniques in what can be a challenging world.”

Our Mindfulness and Meditation programmes in schools have achieved:


Increase in young people who understand what Mindfulness and Meditation is and what the benefits are.


Increase in young people feeling that they can cope and feel emotionally stronger.


Uplift in young people knowing how to help themselves if they feel worried anxious or angry.


Increase in young people feeling physically, emotionally and mentally well.

So far we have worked with around 7 high schools, 20 primary schools, 4 nurseries and taught over 1000 children. Do you think your school or nursery would benefit from these skills? If so enquire here

Devoted to teaching practical and fun ways to discuss emotional, physical and social wellbeing in children and young people.

“The feedback we have received on Gill from her peers, teachers and specifically pupils has been outstanding. Gill shows compassion and empathy towards each of the children she works with and has made such an impact to those she has delivered mindfulness sessions to. All our evaluations have shown that all the pupils have enjoyed their sessions and have been able to put into practice the skills given to them, from delivering mindfulness techniques to other pupils, to knowing when they need to take themselves away from a situation and use the techniques shown to them to help them calm down before important school events.” - The Health & Wellbeing hub

“Thank you for this and for all of your work in Trinity. It has been a huge success and we look forward to continuing to work together closely going forward.” - Paul Marshall (Head Teacher), Trinity High School

“Gillian worked really well and built strong relationships with some of our pupils. She equipped them with various strategies that they can take forward in managing themselves and their emotional responses to stressful situations. Feedback from young people was very positive.” - Andrew Sutherland (Deputy Head Teacher), Renfrew High School

“I loved this class it has helped me so much with my mental health.” - Pupil, Trinity High School

“Mindfulness really helps me if I’m anxious or stressed, I always look forward to it and I don’t want it to finish.” - Pupil, Renfrew High School



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